At Jhd, we are committed to keeping your costs as low as possible and continually price check against our competitors to ensure we remain one of the most competitive in the industry.


Regular diagnostics and vehicle servicing will extend the life of your vehicle and enhance its performance.

Regular servicing can help prevent defects from becoming serious, reduce the cost or repairs and increase its resale value.


We recommend that you regularly check lubricant levels, water and fluid levels, and tyre pressures between services, or you can call in and we can do this for you.


Having a full service history is important in order to get the best resale value of your vehicle.


If your vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty we would recommend that you have it serviced in line with the manufacturer’s specified service.


Provided your vehicle is serviced and maintained in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions during the manufacturer’s warranty period, you have the right to have the work undertaken by an independent garage without affecting your warranty.


Jhd Automotive will ensure your vehicle is serviced in accordance with their instructions.


For your peace of mind,Jhd Automotive use the most up-to-date technology and equipment and can service most makes and models.


All replacement parts of the same quality as the original meaning that your manufacturer’s warranty will not be affected. If your vehicle is still within the manufacturer's warranty period then please check that the service chosen meets the manufacturer's service schedule.